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  • What's free in my first month?

In your first month any calls we answer for you within the plan amount will be free. However, when we transfer (also called forward) a caller to you or one of your team we will charge at our usual rate for the call transfer cost. For example, a 5 min transfer to your UK mobile will cost 75p. See below for more information on how and when we bill.

  • Do I have to pay for forwarded calls?

Yes, we do charge to forward calls on to you. You can find out more by using our call cost calculater on our pricing page.

  • What hours do you cover?

We currently operate within UK business hours, 8:30am until 6pm, Monday to Friday. As we roll out our services we will be offering 24/7 call coverage, at no extra charge

  • What about extra team members?

With Receivr you can add as many team members as you like, all at no extra cost. Each team member can have their own forwarding number and email address, so that we can forward calls to them and send them messages whenever they receive a call.

  • Can I take my number with me if I leave?

Yes you can, as long as your new telephony provider can accept ported numbers (and most can). We charge a £30 administration fee to assist with this.

  • How do you bill me?

There are three elements to our billing

1) Your plan cost (free for your first month)
2) The number of incoming calls over and above your plan (also free for your first month)
3) The cost of calls forwarded to you or your team.

After your one month free period, your plan is billed directly from your card on file at the start of each month. Your over plan (after one month) and transfer costs are billed at the moment these charges are incurred and payment is taken from the credit on your account. NB. at signup we will gift £10 credit to your account for call forwarding charges and this will be automatically topped up each time your credit falls below £5.